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22, Engaged. First time mom to be.. EDD: 11/7/14. Atheist.

My blog is a bunch of random stuff I like and personals all mixed into one. I don't really care who pays attention.

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Aren’t you an adult? This drama happened what, YESTERDAY? I already admitted to my wrongs on how I acted; how I was childish at the time about what happened and said what I needed to on the situation. Oh and by the way this also had nothing to do with you in the first place. So what’s your excuse? All you’re doing is bashing me on TUMBLR posts.. Seriously? That’s all you can think of doing? Hmmmmm whose really the childish one? I get it was your friend, but she can fight her own battles. Nothing was ever directed towards you so you have NO room to say ANYTHING about me. Keep it up darlin’, It’s not cute. I’m done with this and done with you. This is my last and only post about this. You and whom ever else can keep bashing or belittling me.. I honestly don’t care what your opinion is of me because well you’re not important. Get over yourself. 



— 1 year ago
#So against bullying but yet you're doing it towards me  #Pathetic people.  #Paige not giving a shit.  #life of paige joelle