22. Mommy to be 11/7/14 DaemonAlexanderStrength 💙

Taken 2.14.14 💏

Personals: #Life of Paige Joelle


endinakins asked
Congratulations on your baby!!!

Thank you! ^_^



I wish he would just miss catching that cup and it hits him on his pretty little head…maybe in the gagreel…


Yeahhh… I think Hiddleston’s hand-eye game is pretty good.

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Does it get easier?
Waiting for the one you love?
Having to live with a constant fear what’s going to happen next.
This life we chose to live, does it ever get easier?
Will it slow down to let us catch our breath?
It’s need to take away our loved ones.
All the sacrifices we make to do right, can we just be granted back some gratitude?
This life isn’t what I pictured it to be.
I know it won’t get easier.

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